Saturday, September 12, 2009

Now we know the price

Not long ago former President Bill Clinton went to North Korea and retrieve two captured US  journalist. We were told this was a no string attached deal, a gift, a thank you to Clinton for taking the time to pose in a photo with the “Great Leader”. I knew and many others knew this was not the case, We knew a price would have to be paid, today we know that price.


US Shifts Policy, Willing to Meet 1-on-1 With North Korea

The US shifted its policy today, saying it is now willing to meet one on one with North Korea if that is helpful to bring Pyongyang back to the nuclear negotiations.

Well it appears this is so helpful that North Korea is planning a third nuclear test

North Korea leader Kim Jong Il told his top military and party officials last month to prepare for another nuclear weapons test in the event the U.S. continues to pressure North Korea and reject its attempts at starting dialogue,

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