Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea in Olympia

So I scraped up enough money to get a half a tank of gas and drove to the Rally in Olympia had a great time and got hugged by a beautiful woman :) (married but beautiful) whose Identity I am forbidden to reveal. Not really but…

So about 3,000 people showed up with many wonderful signs. I made a very, very large set on flickr and it will take a while to get the movie up so I’ll put a small number of photos here and update with the videos when it’s ready

IMG_1837 The laRouche guys were there so the press could report on the Hitler Mustache, they may, however, forget to mention that LaRouche is a democrat .

IMG_1838 My first look at the crowd about 20 minutes till noon.

IMG_2138 What we want…

IMG_2126 What we don’t want.

IMG_2119 My favorite Tea Partier, Not the the girl who hugged me, and not “Liberty Belle” but she is a friend of Miss Belle.

IMG_1962 The Truth

IMG_2089 I heart this sign.

IMG_2075 The only threats were for the ballot box.

IMG_1971 An infiltrator? maybe.

I could go on but I have a video to edit, visit my flickr page for more great signs



You can check my YouTube. Video’s will be there first, one is on the way now…

Update: So I found a liberal to harass… A member of the Tacoma Coffee Party… can you say “PWND”

Did you notice the “civil political discourse” when the first guy walked away, or when he started to talk about “Glenn Beck”…

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