Monday, May 10, 2010

Everything I needed to know about Cindy Sheehan

I learned on the day I met her

Socialist Debate 109

I actually got to speak with her briefly during the lunch break, I even offered to buy lunch. That didn’t work out too well when she learned I supported our troops. I  started by mentioning that I was there to support Keli’s appearance in the debate.

We were walking with another woman who was a local activist who claimed to work as a mediator between anti-war and pro-troop activist, that is when I asked her if she had noticed me at some of the war protests. That set off a firestorm with miss Sheehan who started with asking me if I supported the war, I said I supported our Troops and their mission. She went on a rant about how Bush had “murdered her son” I pointed out her son was not killed by President Bush but by a terrorist, this led to the “what would you do if we were invaded” (like I hadn’t heard that a thousand times) I asked “would you fight someone who had come to remove Bush from office”. Although at this point she was trying hard to pretend I didn’t exist. We were now about half a block from the restaurant where she said, “I don’t want to eat with him” then turned around. Now to be fair it may be possible that has a celebrity (no matter how dubious her claim to fame may be) she had some level of fear for her safety. but that was not reflected in her tone.

What I learned: Cindy is not willing to talk to people who do not agree with her.

After lunch it was time to return to the room for Cindy’s panel discussion. where I learned more about her.

And this is what I learned,

She will sacrifice her principles to get on TV

She had an awful education.

When her focus is enlarged, she sees boils

She doesn't believe she is already way out in left field

One of the most important things I learned at this event was,for me, a new insight into the thinking of the far left, I used to think they hate America, but now I know it’s the Constitution they hate.



JDreamer said...

I was there to support Kelli, arrived shortly after lunch, so I heard some of the panel discussion. Two things struck me--First, she sounds like, you know, like SUCH a valley girl. I did not expect that-I expected a Harvard pipe-smoking type, the sort Glenn Beck has so much fun parodying. But valley girl? That was fun, I enjoyed the surprise and how, well dumb blonde it made her sound.

My second surprise was not pleasant. They HATE the constitution. It's not the parties, it's not the laws--it's the foundation of our Republic. I had never thought there are people who HATE our Constitution. So many people make huge sacrifices to come here BECAUSE of our Constitutional freedoms. Other nations have tried and failed to duplicate our Constitution and its protections. Don't these people understand it is the Constitution they want to destroy that enables them to have these meetings?

G'Willie said...

Yea I noticed that too. I think the new insight we gained was the difference between listening to them in public where they defend their ideals and listening to them in private where they reinforce their ideals.