Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shoreline Caucus Candidate Forum

Shoreline Caucus held a Candidate’s forum with Matthew Burke and James Watkins. I met Mr. Watkins in march, I said then I may even vote for him, after tonight, I’m dropping the “may even”. My first ever “official endorsement” as a blogger.

This was the agenda…


Best part! Refreshments first and last!

A few pictures

IMG_2329 IMG_2330 IMG_2342 IMG_2367

Here is a brief introduction to our two candidates

James Watkins                                    Matthew Burke

IMG_2384 (2) IMG_2385 (2)

 IMG_2335                     IMG_2333

and here are the first 3 questions, its about 8 minutes long

Yea Flickr!!!

I have more but it’s late so check back for more or visit my YouTube page.

Update: I’m done with the videos, I put them in a set, I hope it makes it easier for you, 8 videos averaging about 8 minutes each

Note: Because of limitations of my camera (memory cards) I was interrupted in the recording of three questions. The first, on health care, I was unable to use, The second, on immigration, I was able to use but it is incomplete, (I think the context is intact)  and the third was one of the questions from the audience, I had to leave out the last and best question, on lobbyist and Unions.

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