Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Target Open

The Red and Black Cafe is now a prime target for criminals because everyone in Portland knows no cop will do anything to stop them, and the Red and Black has only one person to blame.

StoryImage - It was early Tuesday afternoon, May 18th, Cornelia Seigneur was having lunch with her daughter at the Red and Black Cafe at Southeast 12th and Oak. 
Seigneur had struck up a conversation with
Portland Police officer James Crooker who had just picked up coffee to go. Then Seigneur said one of the cafe's owners approached and said something that stunned Seigneur.  
Seigneur blogged about the whole incident
"He looked at the policeman and said I'd like you to leave," she said.
The officer left without incident, but Seigneur says she was both shocked and disappointed that an officer was run out of a cafe simply because of his profession.


A message to the cafe and it’s customers The Police will do their jobs in spite of your arrogant ignorant selfish act, but they are people too, people who will remember how they were treated. This bit of human nature is ingrained in the criminal element in your city, they now know that your place is not going to get the fastest responses, they know that when they get there the police will likely have to deal more with you then with solving any crimes. So stay armed, announce that you are armed, keep your cash to a minimum and make sure strangers pay first. You used to be the first line of defense against crime, now you are the only line.

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