Saturday, June 5, 2010

You call that a peace rally?

I went to Seattle to stand with Israel after activist attacked Israeli commandos and nine for them lost their lives in the fight.

I saw no calls for peace other then the end of Israel.

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They met at Westlake then took a walk down to the convention center to meet with some Communist (you ever notice how Commies are always at the center of these thing?)

IMG_2499 IMG_2501 IMG_2502 IMG_2508 IMG_2511 IMG_2516

After that they went on a tour of all the stores that sell Israeli goods.

IMG_2534 IMG_2551 IMG_2556 IMG_2565 IMG_2573 IMG_2589

This was the most hateful group I’ve seen. They made it perfectly cleat that they will not be happy as long has there is a Israel in the Middle East

Here are some pictures I think are interesting…

IMG_2442 IMG_2452 IMG_2459 IMG_2572   IMG_2484 IMG_2694

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get off my lawn said...

You got the hots for that redhead?

I do. Except that she's woefully misguided.

IndependentVoter said...

More communist funded, organized tantrums from the tolerant, diverse left. Israel acted in accordance with existing treaties that allow them to challenge any influx of weapons. As the contents of these "peace ships" are revealed, we will all see. At least those of us who can still form our own opinions will.

I also think that Helen Thomas are one and the same.

Harrison_Bergeron said...

"I saw no calls for peace other then the end of Israel."

And yet, you couldn't find one single sign actually saying any such thing. Typical of Israel supporters, the need to lie about what people who don't support Israel actually say or want.

But, when you're trying to support a nation whose entire existence is predicated on a violently racist ideology, truth probably doesn't work very well, does it?

G'Willie said...

Well its true I didn't find any signs calling for such, (They know that we post those too) but there is no doubt that it is expressed in the chant "from the river to the sea" and others. But even in your own comment there is a hint of such... What would be your solution to a "nation whose entire existence is predicated on a violently racist ideology"?

Harrison_Bergeron said...

I don't have a solution, I just want our government to mind it's own damn business.

If you've got two groups of people who are going to allow themselves to be led by primitive, tribal savages then there isn't much we, as outsiders, can do about it. If Israelis and Palestinians REALLY want to slaughter each other over whose fairy tale monster wants living on some worthless desert land, then let them figure it out for themselves.

G'Willie said...

Then Harrison, why pick sides? You clearly have!

Elvis "Alfalfa" Bodine said...

Wow! Harrison, you really don't have much grasp of history, do you?

Pity that, I have some dear friends that are Bergerons. They would not be proud of one so deluded sharing their name.


Harrison_Bergeron said...

First, no I have NOT "chosen sides". Both sides suck, or at least allow themselves to be led by people who suck. In what bizarro world does saying that both sides suck amount to "choosing sides"? O rite, in the delusional world of "if you're not on OUR side then you must be on THEIR side", the world of the anti-minds.

Second of all, I have an excellent grasp of history, including all of the brutality and murderous savagery with which the Israeli government has treated the Palestinians, from the terrorist campaigns waged by Israel's founders prior to 1948, to the ethnic cleansing campaigns during and after '48, to the use of torture, collective punishment, and mass murder throughout the entire history of Israel. Destroying homes, entire villages, farms, and orchards.

These things happened, although I know Israel supporters refuse to admit to any of it. Like I said, you guys need to lie in order to make your case. The author of this blog lied about the protesters, and you all constantly lie about the history of the conflict. Says quite a lot about you, doesn't it?

G'Willie said...

Harrison again you say you haven’t chosen side yet you list only Israeli 'crimes" and your list of crimes would seem to demand an accounting, one you also seem not to be demanding of the other side. Share with me your thoughts on the crimes of the PLO and Fatah and Hamas, and then we might have some common ground to work from.
And I you wish to accuse me of lying on my blog explain to me how "From the river to the Sea" is not a call for the elimination of Israel?

mercifuln8 said...

Re: "International Socialist Org"

Just FYI, the ISO has been, is, and always will have only enough members to occupy a table and sell enough papers to break even (if that).

Having attended Shoreline CC and UW with these knobs - and under their constant brain-dead banter - I can attest to some of their many peculiarities:

1.) ISO will constantly call for a socialist revolution... and call... and call... OH! and sell papers

2.) ISO are bottom feeders. As is here, they love to set-up shop at any larger event (OH! and sell papers). But apparently from time-to-time will openly - and physically - fight with "rival" "socialist" orgs

3.) One apparatchik once told me that one such "rival" Trotsky org was run and funded by the CIA (no doubt to snoop on their boring cookie-cutter lectures)

I would put the ISO the same level as the LaLaLaRouchians: I terminally tiny political cult.

G'Willie said...

mercifuln8 I counted 5 different commie groups at this event, granted three of then were the ISO, Radacal Woman and Freedom Socialist,(all the same group)with out a doubt you've nailed them. I think my new friend Harrison was one of them.