Friday, September 3, 2010

What you attack and what you defend

Little Green Footballs used to be my favorite website, but something happened after Obama won in 2008. I think it was anger against the conservatives for costing John McCain the election. Forget that if it were not for Sarah Palin’s draw Conservatives would have sat out the election entirely giving Obama a landside and a mandate.

But back on subject. James Jay Lee the Discovery Channel Gunman released a utterly far left rant of a manifesto calling on the end of human existence citing all of the left’s favorite talking points on the environment. His positions were extreme but can not be taken as anything but leftist/socialist, But Charles seems to think there is enough doubt to exonerate the leftist movement from any complicity with the actions of Mr. Lee.

That is not the case however with a incident in upstate New York where 5 teenagers got loud and rude at a mosque as worshiper were leaving….


Pamela Geller is reported to have paid for the gas and Robert Spencer pumped it.

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