Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Boycott Amazon

It turns out that Amazon.com’s Cloud service is being used by Wikileaks to get around attempts to disrupt their publishing of thousands of sensitive diplomatic documents. A clear and blatant breaking of international law, an act of espionage against the United States of America.

WikiLeaks is finding some safe haven with online retailer Amazon.com following a series of hacker attacks, reports indicate. The anti-secrecy website, which says it's come under cyberattack since publishing a large collection of U.S. diplomatic cables Sunday, has tapped Amazon's cloud computing business to host data, according to the Wall Street Journal and other media.

An act that has resulted in a international warrant (wanted notice) for the arrest of Julian Assange the founder of Wikileaks. This is an action that can not be condoned by any American we must take action to force Amazon to cease giving aid to the criminal organization run by Assange. I also call for a boycott of all newspapers that betrayed the public’s trust by giving Assange a public forum to promote himself/website and allowing him to attempt to embarrass us by disseminating our dealings within the international stage, exposing only what is a vital and necessary part of being a world leader . Assange is a “stateless foreign agent” as far as I’m concern and those who aid him in his attacks on our nation need to be brought to justice and charged with treason and if convicted given the maximum sentence applicable. 

All this is void if Amazon has already done the right thing, The NY Times however needs to give up their source from Wikileaks and turn over any and all information they have on Assange and his organization.

Correction/clarification: The Interpol warrant stems from rape charges Assange has denied, These charges first came to light after the release of Wikileaks’ “Collateral Murder” video and it looks like they are just now getting around to charging him. Very Interesting.  I made a grammatical correction or two as well.

Update: At least two other bloggers are joining me in a call to Boycott Amazon along with a writer from the Seattle PI. (Amazon is based in Seattle)

Visit WyBlog and ConservativeHideout and read the PI’s Blog.

I learned of my compatriots via the Seattle Weekly’s post expressing thinly veiled displeasure at such calls.


Update 2: Amazon Boycott called off! Amazon did the right thing and has I mentioned above my call for a boycott is now void. But the New York Times is not off the hook yet.


Bognor said...

What? Is that last update a joke? Its not very funny if it is.

G'Willie said...

What joke? I called for a boycott in response to an action I disapproved of by Amazon, Amazon has ceased the action so I've asked my readers to disregard my call, If you feel other exploit from Amazon justify continued action than please feel free to do has your conscience compels you. If you think the NY Times is guilt free go ahead and read it, I will not!

libertathiest said...

Seems the conservatives are afraid that their criminal government will be exposed for the criminals that they are.

G'Willie said...

Please list one thing in the leaks that is not done around the world by any other government. Lefties want so bad to undermine our democracy they forget that we live in a world populated by bad guys that don't play by the rules and that means sometime we have to bend them as well.

Anonymous said...

Does "bending the rules" include firing on children with a helicopter gunship, and spying on UN diplomats?

America is the real criminal, Wikileaks is doing the world a great service.

G'Willie said...

Did you see any children in that "Collateral Murder" video? I didn't! And yes gathering intel on diplomats you will be dealing with can be very useful and you are a fool if you don't think other nations don't do the very same thing!

Billy the GOAT said...

I was googling for websites that talk about boycotting amazon for taking down wikileaks and I found this site. Hilarious. Your ironic calling of a boycott for hosting wikileaks in the first place is genius! Along with your subtly terrible writing (I loved when you kept following commas with capital letters, Great stuff) and that ridiculous emo picture you have of some Raegan-loving nerd is classic. Great work here.

G'Willie said...

I’m glad you enjoyed my blog. Please come back. I do tend to capitalize letters at random, It just happens and I never seem to catch it in my proofread. And that emo looking Reagan loving nerd is me, I’ve never been called Emo before. That picture was taken in 1981 so I guess I was just ahead of my time, again.