Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday Concert: Quest for Glory Tour

Here is Lelia Broussard singing Masquerade,
I’ll post more after work
IMG_4610 IMG_4633 IMG_4614
Ok, has promised, Here is more!
Lelia Broussard Bess Rogers and Allison Weiss on the west coast leg of their Quest for Glory tour stopped in Seattle. They played in a very small venue with poor lighting, There was just no way I could take 400 pictures from the front row with a flash, but with the help of one of the three professional photographers*  I was able to set my camera to it best possible low light setting. The dark grainy look is kind of artsy (that’s what I’m telling anyone who complains)
Bess Rogers
IMG_4546 IMG_4561 IMG_4686
And Allison Weiss

IMG_4737 IMG_4777 IMG_4808
*I’m the guy in the blue shirt looking down (thru my camera)
Update: If you missed it don’t worry, all the videos I made are here its almost like being there.

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