Sunday, May 15, 2011

63 years for the better

Israel was founded 63 years ago the people have flourished the land has flourished and the world thru Israeli innovation and resolve has become a better place for it. The founding was marked has a great accomplishment early this month by most yet this weekend others were marking the day as the day of catastrophe. The Nakba.

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Truth is not much happened, about 25 people showed up and 20 of them were the same people who have been doing this every weekend. There was also a Free Tibet rally and I thought it made an interesting juxtaposition on how freedom is regarded by different peoples. The people fighting communism understand that support from the USA is vital to achieving freedom for the people of Tibet. The people fighting Israel want to undermine all support from the USA, even to the point of undermining the USA.

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They never called for the destruction of nor denied the right of China to exist

The myth of Nakba is supported with lies and exaggeration expressed thru these placards and by an imaginary board game

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Judging simply on stereotypes This game seems to be ISM propaganda.

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And the Rachel Corrie Card

Nakba day 2011 060

Not long ago they tried to buy ad space for an anti-Israeli bus campaign, they failed, the banner was displayed here.

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What struck me was in a campaign that would cost thousands the best example of “Israeli War Crimes” is a picture of healthy, clean children standing near a long demolished building?

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This time there was no “Two state” solution, Israel has no right to exist and the Palestinians have a right to armed resistance.

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“Palestinians had no moral or legal reason to agree to their own displacement.

“Palestinians have been pressured for decades to accept the validity and primacy of a Jewish state”

“Palestinians had no reason to accept the partition of their homeland”

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Did I mention no one showed up?

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Not PC: And lastly who would have thought my Israeli flag would become such a “babe magnet”

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Update: because this post is getting more attention than normal (thanks EoZ) I feel I need to note my corrections; I changed the grammar and added/removed punctuations to make it easier to read and I added a link to the Rachel Corrie website, And I added the link to my Flickr page (I seem to keep forgetting that one today)

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Rickvid in Seattle said...

63 of "ethnic cleansing?" Them Jews are slow and lazy cleansers, I guess....