Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Anniversary

I almost forgot today is my 5th year here at Blogspot, man but the time did fly.

a quick look at some of my past favorites


There was a time when all my pictures were on film, I even dabbled in developing my own for a bit


The anti-war movement was a major focus of my blog, but not in the way you may think from a child of the 60s


Three words; Mary, Katherine, Ham!




Film was a bit spendy and I ran out of prints to post so I went digital.

I wasn’t very good at taking new pictures every single week but I still needed something to to post on my Sundays, and so I went to my second love, Music


I had big dreams, just no one to grant them….


This was also the year I discovered Seattle Living Room Shows


Did I mention I dream big?



For the last few months I’ve turned off my TV and ended the source of much of my political material, but I do manage to find a few juicy bits.


even if I have to lift them from others… (with proper credit of course)

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