Saturday, July 14, 2007

Talking About Rachel

Rachel Corrie was protesting the punishment of terrorist by standing in front of a 9 ton bulldozer this was her last act of giving aid and comfort. After her death her family and far left anti-American-war protesters attempted to gain political points by suing the manufacture of above Bulldozer. This case was recently thrown out of court and now the lefties are trying to get the case reinstated...From blatherwatch
Caterpillar built the D9 bulldozer involved in her death, and the suit, ridiculous on its face, was summed up today by the Corries' attorney, Maria LaHood, on the Dave Ross Show (KIRO m-f,9a-12p). "We're arguing that you can't knowingly provide the means to commit war crimes, which is essentially what Caterpillar has done."

Update: The Blatherwatch page has a photo of Rachel after her death that may be a bit hard to view. Here is the News story.

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