Monday, July 30, 2007

They support hate our Troops

The US Navy's Blue Angels have draw the wrath of the San Fransisco anti-war crowd... Well this is not news, they try every year to stop the Blue Angels from performing, except that this year it seems that they may seceded. So why do they want to ban the Blue Angels...
SAN FRANCISCO Efforts by several peace groups to stop the Blue Angels air show during Fleet Week in San Francisco have gained the support of Supervisor Chris Daly.

They’re weapons of mass destruction and there’s really nothing, I think, about them that people should think of as being good or desirable,” said Paul Cox with Veterans for Peace. “In a time where we’ve got a war going on in Iraq, it brings images of the kinds of death and destruction these things rain down on people around the world.”

And I will bet when asked he'll tell you he supports our troops

Update: Resoultion fails, more hate the troops..
“The Blue Angels are totally unnecessary,” said a resolution supporter. “I believe they are sent here to terrorize this town because we are an anti-war city.”

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