Monday, July 2, 2007

When you charge people hundreds of dollars

To see your farewell concert, you're supposed to go away! Barbra Streisand is on a European tour right now.
Streisand, one of the best-selling female artists of all time, is on a six-week, eight-city tour through Europe.

So why is she in Germany now for the first time in her career?
"I'm really glad to be in your city -- it's filled with culture...and the deserts I love," Streisand said in the open-air Waldbuehne arena,
This after having been sued by fans who felt ripped off after they paid hundreds of dollars to see her farewell concert. This was not just a I think I'll call it quits thing, in 2000 she flat out said She would never again perform in public and using this she was able to charge an average of 350$ a ticket. I don’t think the fans won though, I don’t know at all. A quick search didn’t reveal any outcome of the suit.
I noticed in the linked story that Barbra didn't do much complaining about the Good Ol' USA, or at least they didn't report it. That is out of character for her
Even though I may complain about certain things, I've come to look at the glass as half full."

And from a different source
"Through understanding and education we can avoid the horrors of the past, whether it is the atrocities of the Holocaust, or Rwanda, or Darfur, or anywhere else in the world."

Maybe she is beginning to see the light. :)

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