Friday, February 1, 2008

An illegally wiretapped conversation.

You here all about how the government wants to record your phone calls and how they intend to misuse the tapes for political gain. The democrats decry the potential of abuse over and over again, yet offer not one example of this abuse. I have one...

A couple in Florida used a radio scanner, given and modified by one political party, to record a cell phone conversation. this was then given to a leader of that party who used it to attack his opponents and leaked it to the press who misreported the context.  Jim McDermott (D) Washington, Did this when Activist gave him the tape they made, they claim to just happened to hear this call and just happened to their scanner set to receive cell calls and just happened to have a tape recorder in their car.

So yes we do have to worry about the government, A democrat government, with wiretapping power.

McDermott's gotta pay for his part in this crime.

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