Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Things you didn't know about Washingtonians

Today at work I had a job for a customer with a very unusual name. Now I cannot really call that unusual because it would mean that I had not lived in the state for more than 14 years, the name Steilacoom is not all that unusual for Western Washington. So I was thinking of how easy it was for me to say that name correctly and I thought I should make a list of things that are unique to Western Washington. So here it goes.

  1. The United States of America begins east of the cascades.
  2. The city of Portland is like an ugly sister but you say she's beautiful because she's family.
  3. People like Canada a lot but they're willing to wait for Washington to change.
  4. All the small towns have Indian names, to make it easier to spot people from out of state.
  5. If you can count the sunny days in a month on both hands, you call it summer.
  6. Your friend tells you about their California vacation and your first question is, what is smog?
  7. People actually take the ferry to get to work.
  8. There really is an espresso stand on every corner, but a cup of coffee is hard to find.
  9. You have used every setting on your adjustable windshield wipers and you wish you had one more.
  10. You wear a jacket every day, but only when it's cold.

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