Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday Scan: Switch

Originally uploaded by George Bentley
The old lighting control board circa 1940s in the old Everett Theater


Anna said...

Just letting you know I enjoy reading your site ... even though I can't always comment.
I spent many years attending shows at the Everett Theater and the Roxy for that matter.
I am feeling quite old thinking back about sharing an order of fries with my girlfriends at Newberry's, Wolworth's , or Kress prior to movies. (I can't remember which one had the cafe)
Wow... I could go on forever with the memories.

G'Willie said...

I spent about 2 years helping out in the restoration of the theatre. I have a few more photos on my flickr page you may like to see. I love old buildings and I like being backstage, I’m a behind the scenes kind of guy