Saturday, September 6, 2008

Strike Strike Strike

Boeing strikedit1 This morning at midnight Boeing machinist went on strike. I went there first thing this morning to get a look. I talked to one striker and asked a few questions

1) Do you think this strike will be successful?

2) What are the key demands? And what compromises are you (and the union) willing to make to end this strike?

3) What was in the last offer that you felt were unfair?

4) I really don’t know how unions work; they pay you something while you’re striking, right?

5) How long are you willing to strike?

6) Are you prepared if the strike goes longer?

7) What kind of sacrifices are you and your family making to get thru this strike?

These are the answers.

The governor intervenes.

This is a quick look at the local media's coverage.

This is Boeing's statement.

Boeing strikedit2

Boeing strike 008 And you know you meet all kinds of people when you get out. I never thought I would ever meet a Champion Speed Eater.

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