Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kicking Talibut

The bad guys hiked up a mountain to harass a US position in Afghanistan only to find American soldiers waiting to end the war for them.

Fight by fight, the infantryman’s war in Afghanistan is often waged on the Taliban’s terms. Insurgents ambush convoys and patrols from high ridges or long ranges and slip away as the Americans, weighed down by equipment, return fire and call for air and artillery support. Last week a patrol from the First Infantry Division reversed the routine

The New York Time report does a good job on the story but for one small point…

But as accounts of the fight have spread, the ambush, on Good Friday, has become an emotional rallying point for soldiers in Kunar Province, who have seen it as a both a validation of their equipment and training and a welcome bit of score-settling in an area that in recent years has claimed more American lives than any other.

I would differ on this point; from what I’ve seen and read when we meet the Taliban they are the ones who die. I believe it goes like this, if they get anyone they get one or two sometimes 5 or 6 with a lucky bomb hit, we get 10 15 20 every time we meet them. The writer may be talking about within the coalition but it didn’t read that way to me.


And just for fun here is a reminder of another recent victory in the global war on terror.


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