Sunday, April 5, 2009

They only hate

This is a story of what one victim of Hamas’ rocket attacks face when he came to the US to tell of his ordeal.

I HAD COME to tell the human side of the daily reality of rockets, but these Hamas supporters only laughed at raw footage of kindergarten children running for shelter as a Kassam rocket was fired at them, or of my personal stories of having 15 seconds to run for my life before a rocket landed. If it wasn't before, it was clear to me then that these people were not here to learn about reality, gain understanding of the trauma and suffering, or even to object to my presentation. These people were there for the sole reason that it was an event regarding Israel, to whose very existence they objected. How was I to promote human understanding if the unruly crowd didn't even recognize my right as a Jew to live in Israel?

Anti-Israel Protest Week3 282

This banner was held at an anti-Israel rally in Seattle WA Jan. 10th ‘09

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