Saturday, June 20, 2009

Children of Pride

The Seattle Gay Pride celebrations are this weekend so I don’t mind Macy’s doing a window to acknowledge this,

June 20th 035

what I did mind was the children in the displays.

June 20th 038 June 20th 039 June 20th 040

June 20th 041 June 20th 042 June 20th 043

June 20th 044 June 20th 036 June 20th 037

You can make up your own mind what that makes me.

Updates: I’ve discovered this had been brought up before, Macy’s pulled the display in another city but later apologized for doing so. They called it a mistake.

I am not really sure how the Gay Pride events are scheduled so I changed the first line of my post to reflect a weekend event rather than a one day event.

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Anonymous said...

Some of those kid manikins are hot!