Wednesday, June 3, 2009

F*** Back

The Left likes to parade on the High Ground when it come to defending women, but only if you tow the line. We have the story of Carrie Prejean who gave a political statement (one held by most American, and so proven by many elections) that did not fit into the  left’s mold. For that she was call a B*tch and later a **nt. The feminist did not defend her, the best they could do was say they stand for fairness but Carrie doesn’t.

Now Playboy has a list of conservative woman who they “disagree with” but would like to “sleep with” the article title use the words “Hate F*ck”. Do we have feminist standing up to defend the woman on this rape hit list? The best we got was “Well not everybody on this list belongs there.” By the way, Playboy pulled the story from the net, quickly.

So now for the list of liberal woman I’d like to… meet.

Arianna Huffington I liked her when she used to be a conservative. She turned (returned I later learned) left after her rich conservative husband past away.

Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake .Seen her on TV a couple of times, thought she was cute.

Ana Marie Cox from wonkkett. I thought she was hot from day 1, not so much now.

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