Friday, November 6, 2009

Step by step

Years ago when schools first offered sex ed people of faith warned that this was an attempt to overrule parents and inject all forms of sexuality into the mainstream by introducing children into a sexual morality of anything goes there by bringing this  morality to all of society. These people were ridiculed and called intolerant, we were told that children needed to know what to expect when the “moment” came, so they needed to learn the basics. To placate the objectors they gave them an opt out clause. Then the lessons started to involve more than the basics because we had to protect the children from the diseases that are out there so children learned to put condoms on bananas because we all know that no one has ever lived who didn’t have sex in high school and you have to protect them. To placate the objectors they gave them an opt out clause. Then they started to teach the children about alternative sexuality because hate is bad and understanding undermines hate, so they learned Gay is normal, and bi is good, and multiple partners is for everybody, and if you get married then you’ve got to give up all the fun sex stuff. But now this is about hate so parents were not allowed to opt out

(Court ruling) The course is mandatory, which many parents disagree to. The state board had explained that although parents do have rights to their children’s upbringing, that “right is not absolute.”

And now at last the thing we warned you about all those years ago

Those whose religious or moral values prevent them from attending will be classed as truants and may be punished by the school. Until now parents could opt out of lessons about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and homosexuality until their children were 19.

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