Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Cop, Bad Cop

For the last few months the left has been engaging in an all out assault on the Seattle PD,

However over the last few weeks some have gathered to show our Defenders in Blue They are truly appreciated.

I was at last able to make it to a rally and join them at Seattle’s North Precinct.

Support SPD 4-20-11 001

There were those who believe that our Police are “Good Cops”

Support SPD 4-20-11 010Support SPD 4-20-11 033Support SPD 4-20-11 036Support SPD 4-20-11 054Support SPD 4-20-11 055Support SPD 4-20-11 061Support SPD 4-20-11 068Support SPD 4-20-11 070Support SPD 4-20-11 080

And those who believe our police are “Bad Cops”

Support SPD 4-20-11 023Support SPD 4-20-11 052Support SPD 4-20-11 056Support SPD 4-20-11 076Support SPD 4-20-11 088Support SPD 4-20-11 098

Thank God For our Police who protect all of us. Who do a difficult job under difficult circumstances with great professionalism and with great courage.

Be sure to visit my Flickr page for more picture and check back tomorrow, after work, for the video.

Update: Video is ready (sorry I took so long)

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