Monday, April 18, 2011

Knowing Not What You Do

The woman who posted this video actually said that it showed the anti-Tea Party protesters  “…behaved,smiling,peacefully chanting not yelling,screaming,swearing”

The tea partiers left more quickly than they came.What they didn't think about is that they would have to walk through a sea of us while leaving.What I really want to point out is the difference in behavior between the two sides.If you have seen my earlier videos you know how they behaved.This is how we behaved,smiling,peacefully chanting not yelling,screaming,swearing and physically attacking people!We stuck around for awhile,you see they came to see Palin,we came because it is just simply our house!Found out later they were outnumbered 400-500 tea party 5000-6000 obviously not tea party!

Her other videos show two people one who seems to me to have been mocking the Tea Party and the other who was rude to a group who had mingled within the Tea Party,

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