Friday, August 17, 2007

Another step closer to tyranny

So for those who think Hugo Chavez is just a good Democrat looking to help the poor people of his nation, It's time for another lesson on "How to take over a nation"
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, ...proposed several changes to his nation's constitution, including a measure to eliminate term limits.
So some of us say this is Chavez's latest attempt consolidate control, but the Venezuelan President has these reassuring words
."If anyone is going to say this is a project to enthrone oneself, no," Chavez said before the National Assembly. "This is only a possibility, a possibility that depends on many variables."
What may some of these "variables" be?
Venezuelans attempted to recall Chavez. But Venezuela's Election Commission, which had been appointed by Chavez, ruled that it did not have enough votes to oust the president.
Chavez told the National Assembly Wednesday that he was proposing "political, social, economic, military and territorial changes" to the constitution, according to TeleSur, a government television station.
expanding the government's ability to seize privately owned land.
"to begin another chapter in this process of constructing a socialist nation."
shutting down the television stations that are critical of his regime or packing the court with his cronies
He has packed Congress and the Supreme Court with his supporters," Boaz wrote. "He has installed his military officers in all levels of government.
He is trying to end the autonomy of the Central Bank, nationalize major industries, abolish constitutional limits on presidential tenure, and perhaps most clearly, get his followers in Congress to give him the power to rule by decree,"
This looks like a takeover to me.

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