Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Well It had to happen someday

Is this the end of Marriage?
Regarding whether rights for a husband and wife can be eliminated by the California legislature, Schwarzenegger wrote that "except for the ability to choose and declare one's life partner in a reciprocal commitment of mutual support, any of the statutory rights and obligations that are afforded to married couples in California could be abrogated or eliminated by the legislature or the electorate for any rational legislative purpose."
Why is this important? It is the foundation of humanity, everybody's social stability, Every tribe, every nation, every people. Marriage is so central to human nature it is universal. Yet somehow, by some twist of intellect the left has seen fit to change us. This is the plan, the undermining of the social order and marriage is a key component.
Engels describes monogamous marriage as a social institution designed for two main functions. First, monogamous marriage ensured wealth was passed down to biologically related offspring. Second, monogamous marriage trapped women in a life of unpaid domestic and childrearing labor. Engels believed the communist revolution would undermine both of these functions. A communist society would no longer allow wealth to be passed down to biological offspring, and a communist society would socialize the work of raising children. Monogamous marriage would no longer serve any purpose in communist society.

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