Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nanny state

You think that the government will stop after you let them have a little power... Just try smoking in your car.
"I am just seeking every opportunity I can to denormalize smoking and to try to put it out of the reach of kids," Mr. Gennaro said.
This is just one of many new laws that put the city state of New York into the everyday lives of it's people.
If enacted, smoking in cars with riders under the age of 18 would join a growing list of activities barred by the city, including making too much noise at night, serving trans fats in restaurants, and allowing students to carry cell phones in school.
Each and every one of these laws passed on the "promise" that it was for the good of the people. And each and every one restricts personal freedoms and choices.
In Rockland County, which in June approved a measure to ban smoking in cars with minors, critics called the law an invasion of privacy and a violation of personal liberties. Mr. Gennaro dismissed those arguments.
"Boo-hoo," he said. "You can't subject kids to 43 carcinogens and 250 poisonous chemicals and claim privacy. Get over it. Their right to privacy doesn't extend so far as to poisoning kids."
Now whats the big deal?
Smoking bans are a symptom of a greater problem with our government, that they can come in and regulate all kinds of lifestyle choices because they've deemed it improper," she said. "It could be anything."
"If they can come into our car, then they can come into our home," she said. "And everybody should be afraid of this, not just because of smoking."

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