Monday, August 4, 2008

Hot for a bad teacher

amy-nortcutt-01 maybeAmy

This is Ms Amy Nortcutt she and her husband worked at Turlock Christian School  Turns out that they may have a bit of a bad streak, they've both been arrested for sending sexually explicit texts and photos to a female student. This came to light when the husband was seen "talking" to the student by her mother. This alert parent likely saved her daughter from harm and shows why everyone should be alert everywhere, all the time, with anyone.

I've checked out the schools website and it looks like a good place that just hired bad teachers, Ms Nortcutt resigned a month before this came to light, so they may have been on top of this already. I am wondering if this is a result of California's requirement for religious institutions to not discriminate based on sexuality or faith?

Note: the photo on the left is on different websites with this story, the still on the right is from the intro video you can watch by following the link to the school.

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