Sunday, August 3, 2008

Domestic attack

A short time ago we responded to threats to our soldiers with a mass rally at the Tacoma recruiting station. SDS led this attempt to interfere with the rights of our soldiers to do their jobs. We stopped them! On Friday they attacked the recruiting station with rocks in a clear and deliberate (yet fruitless) attack of sedition.

I found this report at the Tacoma SDS website that clearly states that they work with the attacker.

This was done in solidarity with the Northwest's current resistance to port militarization.

They also threaten more attacks.

For the forces of order who attempt to strike fear into the hearts of our comrades down at the port--we have a message for you:

Get out of Cascadia, or face imminent retaliation.

We will strike again.

And when I looked for photos on Seattle's Indymedia site I found more support for the terrorist.

tacoma attack Given that the mainstream media will never document or report on instances of popular struggle and resistance, it is up to independent journalists (ie: normal people with cameras and the ability to write) to document and record them.

Not quite "smashed"

Could this be a warning of more terror?

I found this in my videos I didn’t even know I had it until I went over them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your update on these commie scumbags. They don't scare me as my .45 M1927 Thompson can return better fire than their stupid rocks (of course I would only fire warning shots, until my life became threatened)...pathetic morons, trying to threaten patriotic Americans like us. I'll "give them hell, and there'll be "hell to pay" if I get my hands on them, that's a "promise, not a threat!!!"


Peace said...

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Trevor said...

What makes America a great country is the ability to protest our government without the threat of being shot. Although I do not share the protesters convictions, I share with them the right to have a non-violent protest. I am a US Navy Vet of the Vietnam era.