Saturday, March 8, 2008


Enough of this B.S. The anti-war movement is ramping up their attacks with a call to harass military personnel and their families at the Tacoma Mall, this Saturday the 15th. I plan to be there with my friends to again show that this time we will not be silent!

This is a copy of the warning sent to our local soldiers and families.



Protestors intend to Shutdown the Tacoma Mall



Recommend that DOD affiliated personnel, family members, retirees and civilians avoid the Tacoma Mall area on 15 March 2008 from 1200 to 1730 hours.


Local protest groups have announced their intention to shutdown the Tacoma Mall and the recruiting station located at the mall to call attention to the upcoming anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. They want to "Make it impossible for business as usual to continue as the Iraq War approaches its 5th year."


Anticipated activities include distributing anti-war and anti-military literature, confront local recruiters or persons trying to enter their facilities, and attempts to interact with soldiers, family members and/or civilians who appear to be military or have DOD decals on their vehicles.


Recent protests against the war at the Port of Olympia have been marked by increased levels of violence. DOD personnel, family members and civilians should avoid contact, to include conversations or dialogue with protesters. Protesters may be filming activities for reporting in independent media or use in legal actions.


Commanders and supervisors should strongly encourage their soldiers, family members, and civilians to avoid the Tacoma Mall area during this time and to report incidents of violence to local police.


For incidents of violence, call 911

For non-critical information, contact Washington State Police at (253) 536-6210 or Tacoma Police Department at (253) 594-7800.

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