Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A History of Toilets

A few years back in Seattle they spent millions on a new automated public toilet system. The handful of toilets included a very expensive cleaning system, a self closing door with automatic timer, and a lot of crime. Now after only 4 years all of that money is going down the drain has the city ponders what to do next.
"They give people a place to duck-in and be hidden from public view. Unfortunately, the activity that we're seeing, in terms of drug use and prostitution, is keeping the other users, who are actually looking for public restrooms, away," says Seattle City Councilwoman Sally Clark.

And here is a briff history of toilets
1948- City authorizes bids to install new pay toilets in Belltown and Pike Place Market.

late 1980's- City faces growing complaints about defecation in the streets and criminal and non-customer use of private restrooms culminating in an outcry for more public toilets in Seattle's Downtown and urban centers. In response, the City installs 10 portable public toilets (Port-a-Potty) (a total of 14 at the peak).

1994- City authorizes improvements to the facades of its portable public toilets and to its permanent toilets at the Pioneer Square Fire Station.

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