Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I've Had Enough Free Speech!

Or: My day in Seattle.
By G'Willie
Today’s anti-war activities started at the Military recruiting center on Jackson Street. I got there an Hour early and was greeted by a anti-war protester.
He was very friendly and I had thought he was on my side :) but after a few minutes he took another look at my sign and asked me what it meant.
We did continue to have a nice pleasant exchange, and then the rest of the anti’s began to show.
I placed myself in front of the door with no intention of moving, at least until the recruiters arrived (they never did). The Leader “Maggie” got next to me warned me not to touch her or I was going to jail, and then proceeded to try to push me away from the door. It didn’t work, so she and her group just gathered around me and had their rally. This situation gave me an insider’s look at what goes on in an anti-war protest. Video to follow.
Now it’s time for the press to get their footage, with interviews all around until they came to me. Then Maggie came over and interrupted my interview with the words “He’s had enough free speech”. Yet I did manage to get in a few words. And after a bit it was making them look bad so they relented and allowed me to have a few interviews.
This rally was all about attacking the troops, I know they will say they are not attacking them, but, The words were vicious, there was no allowing that any of the charges maybe false or isolated incidents.
No, these were crimes carried out by all of our men and woman and done so all the time with Bush and Cheney calling the shots!
Well with the fact that the Recruiters did not intend to come to work today our protest was largely symbolic. But I stood my ground in front of that door for 3 ½ hours. And soon the next rally would be starting and I’m hungry, so I went away!
The Recruiting center was a disappointment for the lefties but Fisher Plaza was a total failure!
IMG_1100 IMG_1113
A very small crowd and no real plan of action other than “no business as usual” I think the photos will speek for themselves.
IMG_1130 IMG_1152
The only point I would make is the “Truth Booth” which was empty the whole time!
And now for the main event, Westlake Center… 1hr 15mins of anti-climatic nothingness.
IMG_1187 IMG_1225
Some Music some evil bush speeches some evil America speeches and some “lets pass the buckets around folks” follow by more music and evil racist America speeches.
All done, good night.
All the rest of my photos can be found on Flickr.

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Ron, Nashville, TN said...

I followed this link from LGF. Nice write-up & pix! LLL moonbats can be dangerous critters, I'm glad to know that you came out of this encounter unscathed. If I could give you a metal, I'd give you the Silver Star... for being that close to so many unhinged libtards for 3.5 hours of your life (that you'll never get back).... that's bravery!

I just want to say "Thanks" for what you did.