Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Battle For Freedom Bridge

Battle For Freedom Bridge 1

At exit 122 on Interstate 5 a battle took place today as antiwar activist planned to take Freedom Bridge for their protest as part of their 5th aniversity “week of action”. Freedom Bridge has been manned by the 122nd bridge brigade, a group of troop supporters and vets, from the beginning of the war, and they called for reinforcements to help hold the bridge. This blog is a brief account of that battle.
Battle For Freedom Bridge 8
I arrived at 1 pm after work from Everett, Our guys were already there and the first wave of antiwar protesters were on the way, this was a small scout group sent to judge the level of resistance.
Battle For Freedom Bridge 17
State police were efficient in crowd control and kept the two sides well apart.
Battle For Freedom Bridge 9 Battle For Freedom Bridge 11
So this gave the anti's a false confidence as they left to report back to HQ.
At 3:00 the main assault was to begin has the enemy departed from Harry Todd Park to take our bridge.
Battle For Freedom Bridge 46 Battle For Freedom Bridge 48
They march with confidence. But soon that confidence was replaced with dread.
Battle For Freedom Bridge 58 Battle For Freedom Bridge 62
They did try to put on a brave face, but it did little good.
Battle For Freedom Bridge 74 Battle For Freedom Bridge 78
After just over 20 minutes they gave up and went away
Battle For Freedom Bridge 96 Battle For Freedom Bridge 97
Well not just yet, one brave fighter made one last stand err sit. A Sit In!!!
Battle For Freedom Bridge 103
Well that didn’t last long.
Battle For Freedom Bridge 105
Now with our enemy vanquished, the police depart and we enjoy the fruits of our Victory.
Battle For Freedom Bridge 109 Battle For Freedom Bridge 113
The Bridge held!!!
Battle For Freedom Bridge 106 Battle For Freedom Bridge 114

More Photos can be found on my Flickr Site.

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Anonymous said...

Hey do you gather with the military supporters every weekend, or at least some weekends? I want to join and really wished I knew of this support the troop rally that you guys did to fight against the nut-jobs. My husband is in the Army and I've always been conservative and always wanted to confront the anti-war movement left-fascist-nuts. Will you be doing it again tomorrow (Sun, 23)?
If you are what time? Just comment back and I'll bookmark this page and chck it tomorrow morrning. Thanks! ~Hilary R.

G'Willie said...

Hello Hilary I'm glad you want to join us. Every saturday the 122nd bridge brigade stand on this bridge to show our troops who work there that America stand with them. I do not have a website for them yet but operation support our troops joins them once a month.
Also at exit 119 just south of this bridge we rally at there.
I live 90 miles awa so I can only afford to come to the big events. but we also have a few rallys at the north end in Everett.
and in Anacortes Wa too.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight:
You call it "Freedom Bridge," but don't allow opinions contrary to yours to be expressed there? First Amendment rights to protest the federal government are banned on "Freedom Bridge"? What have our soldiers been sacrificing for?

G'Willie said...

Well as you can see we did allow an opposing opinion to be expressed, we just didn't allow it to be expressed unopposed. That bridge is an entrance to Fort Lewis and we feel that it is important that our troops see true support and not have to hear people call them murderers. Is that too much to ask?

G'Willie said...
Here is a video that show how the other side allows opinions contrary to thiers to be expressed