Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Seattle Adventure, The Movie.

I did in fact get a behind the scenes view of the action while guarding the door to the recruiting center on Jackson Street As the antiwar group World Can’t Wait Drive out the Bush regime gathered around me.

This was the end result, them calling our troops murderers, rapist, and torturers. And this is something they are not backing down from anymore, Winter Solider gave them the cover they needed. At least for now.

More winter solider testimony, notice the first answer when I ask what he based his accusations on, racism.

So after hearing account after account of the atrocities our troops were committing in Iraq, as reported by Winter Solider testimony, I ask one of the protesters if he would like to see the men who confessed to these crime convicted. He answered that he would only if bush and Cheney were also convicted I asked him to repeat it for the camera and his answer was a bit more nuanced

I was not the only troop supporter who showed up. This guy came with some large flags to show off. The antiwar gang then went to interfere with his free speech right, so the police had to step in to protect him.

The next part was the siege of the Fisher Plaza, The home of KOMO TV and KVI radio (Sean Hannity). So I wonder why they chose to come here. Update: The other camera man seen here posted his video on you tube also.

Well the first time wasn't very impressive so lets march around the building and try again. Well, to me at least, that didn't seem to work much better.

At westlake center I really didnt have a point of view that allowed for recording the event, the truth is that is not why I come to these thing anyway, this is.

Thank You Julia and thanks to your brave son for serving our nation.

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