Monday, November 24, 2008

Future shock; the Daily Mail edition

Coming to America.

When the new national health plan is put into effect one of the first thing we will learn is that no new government plan comes without a price. A new source of revenue will draw new spending plans like flies to poop. And no matter what we will be told about the money going to the health care, they will find other needs to be filled. Just look to what is happening in England today.

Alistair Darling today announced a 0.5 per cent rise in National Insurance contributions as part of a £20billion gamble to save Britain from a crippling recession.

The shock increase was unveiled in the Chancellor's dramatic 'buy now, pay later' mini-Budget and will come into force from April 2011.

And it's not just taxes we have to avoid. Walking to school with your daughter can bring unwanted sights.

A woman who went to police after spotting two gay men having sex on a public footpath was told to 'use a different path in future'.

Marie Cragg, 44, was walking her teenage daughter to school in  Penwortham, Lancashire when she spotted two semi-naked men.

But when she called police, officers failed to catch the pair and advised her to use a different route when out walking again in the woods near her home.

Try to get someone to help you when your a victim of a crime,

'At no point did the police ask me anything to do with solving the crime. There was no mention of witnesses, possible fingerprints, or any desire to catch who'd done it.

'All they said was call the AA or Green Flag. When I told them there was petrol leaking from the car they said they'd call the fire brigade and then ended the conversation.'

Has tax income gets harder to come by, local governments are cutting police and fire and education and then putting up bonds votes to replace the money while protecting pet projects.

No one from West Midlands Police was available to comment.

Want to know what it is Obama will be doing with his national service volunteers?

Under rules to be sent to police forces in the new year, bands of volunteers will be supplied with speed detection equipment and asked to use it to identify drivers exceeding limits in their area

A handy income maker with a bit of neighborhood rivalry to add a personal touch.

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