Monday, November 3, 2008

People who hate America: The Flag Burner

burningflag This guy burns flags for fun and profit.

The flag was a symbol – not of freedom – which was as hard to find then as it is now, but of an exceptionally American indifference towards what was actually going on. Wherever I saw the ugliest side of this country, there was that flag with a “love it or leave it” not far behind. I wasn’t leaving the land of my birth, but I couldn’t just take it either. In looking to the future, I decided to burn the past.

And where does this guy's attitude come from?

Dread Scott Tyler, a student artist and fellow communist, had caused a major ruckus when his graduation piece consisted of an American flag draped across the floor in front of a photo montage entitled “What Is the Proper Way to Display the American Flag?” There was a comment book for responses, but in order to comfortably write in it, you had to step on the flag. It was great, and pissed off the right people. Dread Scott was totally unapologetic, even when his family had to hide after a hail of death threats.


Note: the video below includes foul language, it is very offensive. The comments are just has bad.

I'm an American, But I have to say, good video. F**k this country.

And is that the late Rachel Corey with the burning flag? @15 seconds. It is her at 25 seconds.

Update: I don't want you to have to watch the video so here are the screen shots.

RCat15sec RCat25sec


Anonymous said...

I'm from a small town in Indiana. It has a population of about 2000, consists mostly of farmers, small business owners, working class and those who commute to larger cities for work. I was home visiting over the fourth of July, the town has a small fireworks display every year. This year was extra special. Two young men ran onto the field as the fireworks were going off, pulled out an American flag and went to torch it. Most people there, families with young children, were looking up at the fireworks as this took place. One man saw what was going on and ran onto the field, snatched the flag and put it out with his bare hands. The young men were irate and demanded the flag back and the police were called. The young men stated that they had orginally intended to burn the flag at the parade earlier in the day, but overslept (the parade started at noon). Anyway, flag burning can happen in the most unlikely of places. As far as I'm aware no charges were filled and they did not get their flag back.

Anonymous said...

Earlier this year I was at a protest against the Berkeley City Council for their having dissed the U.S.M.C. There were leftie counterprotesters, of course, and one was a young woman who lit a small U.S. flag on fire and rode her bicycle around in the street in front of us, cackling and taunting. This one patriot dude, one of those Vietnam-era veteran motorcycle club types (oldish and a bit pudgy but still gnarly) simply strode out, firmly pulled the woman off of her bike, took away the burning flag, stepped aside, and then calmly, wordlessly extinguished it. Several crazed leftie dirtball-looking types came rushing over to support the woman but upon taking the measure of the biker dude they merely stopped at a safe distance and mewled about "freedom of speesh". The biker dude then just turned and walked back over to rejoin his buddies, who greeted him with a hearty round of bear hugs and back slaps. It was a moment of great amusement to me.