Saturday, November 1, 2008

People who hate America

Obama says that every one loves America and it is a part of the Republicans strategy to divide us. Yet I personally witnessed hundred of America haters. I will post one one example everyday until the election. Today it is Kathy Barker.


Kathy Barker is at war with the U.S. Army and the Seattle parks department. Barker, a military "counter-recruiter" and mother of three high-school students, has already been part of a push to limit military recruiters' presence on high-school campuses.

But keeping recruiters out of the schools isn't enough...

Now she's set her sights on Seattle's parks department. Last April, Barker, who sits on the board of Washington Truth in Recruiting, which provides students with alternatives to military recruitment, fired off a letter to the City Council and the parks department after army and navy soldiers showed up to a teen event at the Delridge Community Center in Southwest Seattle in a shiny black Hummer.

This woman hates America enough to work tirelessly to disarm her before her enemies.

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