Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why war was meant to be hell

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum threatened retaliation. "Today's crime will not pass without punishment," he said.

The above statement was made in response to Israel killing 4 terrorist who both side admit were firing mortars indiscriminately at civilians in Israel. A war crime. The UN's Secretary-General's Ban Ki-Moon called on Israel to open up the border crossing to Gaza (closed after a missile barrage Thursday). Yet the world ignores the collective punishment suffered by the Israeli people has they are forced to run for shelter from over 80 rockets and mortars fired into their cities this week. Hamas dug a tunnel into Israel with plans for another murder/kidnapping attack, they used the fact that Israel prevented this attack (a breach of the cease-fire) to justify breaching the cease-fire. All the time declaring they want peace.

The enemy they face is the same one we face, the same one we hold in Cuba. They talk peace, they talk and they talk but they act to reach their goals with a single minded clarity of purpose. We have fought this war for 7 years they have fought it for over 60 years. We are fighting this war with self imposed rules that our enemy feels no obligation to follow, and against the tide of public opinion that tells us we've gone too far. We hold back and risk everything to protect the innocents caught up in the crossfire, our enemy knows this and will use human shields to further their cause. The enemy is allowed to violate the laws of war and Israel and the US are forced to back down from any action we may take to bring retribution to the enemy. We are better than they are, but we will lose this war if we don't make them pay a price for breaking the rules of war.

Let us punish them for their crimes and save their people from the hell they have been forced to endure.

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