Saturday, October 9, 2010

Laughing at 150 wet communist

Ok I can scratch that one off my bucket list…

ANSWER marked the 9 anniversary of the war in Afghanistan with another lame, poorly attended rally and march thru downtown Seattle.


Did I mention it was raining?


That didn’t stop the die hard communist and America haters from showing up, Good thing there are only a few of them left.

IMG_3480  IMG_3499 IMG_3483IMG_3510 IMG_3520

This year they have a new hero Bradley Manning, the traitor who leaked information on our operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and other Areas of operations in the War on terror. Leaks that revealed the sources of some of our intel resulting in the loss of Afghani lives and details of our planning and other activities resulting in increased risk to US/NATO lives.


turnout was sparse, I guessed about 150. It represents the core of Seattle's anti-America movement and they did not hold back…

IMG_3486 IMG_3508 IMG_3537

The guy in the Che shirt actually said to “End the occupation of North America”

IMG_3581 IMG_3597

This next sign speaks for it’s self, but let me add F**k him!!!




Is this a real vet with real, earned ribbons? Something just don’t look right.

IMG_3617 IMG_3627

While I work on the movie, may not put one up but I’ll see what I got, here are some more photos and as always more are on my flickr page

Update: I did make a video, not much but it has a few little jewels


Anonymous said...

Reference the "vet" - phony as a three dollar bill going by the ribbons:

Top row: Korean Defense Service Ribbon, Army Commendation Ribbon, Meritorious Service Ribbon;

Second Row: Army Achievement Ribbon, Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal;

Third Row: Iraq Campaign Medal, Overseas Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon (with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters !);

Fourth Row: National Defense Service Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi), Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait.

First, the order is all wrong, for example, the highest award is the MSM, and should be top right (award precedence is right to left, top to bottom). Korean Defense, which he has as the highest award, would go below the Iraq Campaign Medal, and the National Defense would go before either of those.

There is no such thing as one Oak Leaf Cluster for an Army Service Ribbon, let alone three; you get it when you complete basic, and it doesn't matter if you get out, join the reserves, then the Guard, you only get one, once. If he really earned an Iraq Campaign Medal and the Saudi/Kuwait stuff, he should also have a bronze service star on the National Defense Service Medal, and a GWOT Service Medal at a minimum. The Kuwait ribbon is upside down, it also looks like the campaign star(s?) on the Iraq Campaign medal is upside down, as well as being off center.

He is sporting Master Sergeant rank - only enlisted rank higher are the varieties of Sergeant Major - there is no way a real Master Sergeant would get this stuff wrong.

One also wonders why a hero if Iraq and Desert Storm I is wearing BDUs and not the more fashionable desert version, or ACUs - unless, of course, the surplus store where he bought this stuff was out of his size.

G'Willie said...

The master Sargent pin is what sparked my curiosity, Just placing it on the pocket flap I know is wrong (I think) but I known a few Master Sargents and they don't stand for fools and this guy is a fool

Warren said...

This is sporkmaster over at This Aint Hell. The Vet in question name is George James. Here is a link about him made in 2009.