Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pre-Rally expectations

In just a few hours I am going to attend the Seattle “Rally to restore Sanity” @ Westlake Park they are expecting 5,000 people to attend an event that has no discernable agenda, no cause, and no headliners. I think 500 will actually put down the bong long enough to show up, that is if they can wake up before 9 am on a Saturday.

The best description of the DC event I found… (and the reason I made this post)

The Left sees this as a mockery of Beck’s rally and the Tea-Party rallies. I doubt if any of them will realize it until months or years down the road, it is the Left who are being mocked…by both Sterwart and Colbert.

The expectation of another Woodstock is ludicrous. (Will Ludacris even be there?)

And the range of “groups” going to DC for tomorrow’s rally are the usual suspects…each with a loud obnoxious voice, each with their own agenda, each vying of air time to get their own particular message out…in other words, fragmented, severely fragmented.

What are they going to do…shout “Down with Bush!”? Demand the Bush get us out of Iraq? Afghanistan? What’s going to unite them? Protesting that the majority of Americans are the enemy? Telling the Nation that individual freedom is lame? Letting the Unions and the Nanny State make all your decisions for you?

That sort of stuff is certainly going to tug at the heartstrings of the majority of Americans who have no tolerance anymore for the antics of the Left, this Congress, this President, right?

When the Vietnam war ended, the entire Left had a major shock to its system. No longer united, no longer able to tack on to the coattails of the anti-war movement, all the “others” on the Left found themselves very much alone. The Black Panthers and SNC had no time for the tree-huggers, and it was nearly impossible for those suburban kids and those from the high-end neighborhoods to find common cause with the poor-end of the movement. The “war” was over…and the anti-war folks for the most part moved on. This is how we ended up with the 70′s and Disco and all the other hedonistic trappings of that age.

So, rock on dudes…the weather in DC is going to be in the upper 50′s with mostly sunny skies.

Tuesday, however…a sea change is going to hit the United States. Hope ya are ready for it.

I expect to hear a lot of talk about the Teaparty, Repugs Rethuglicans I mean Republicans, and Christians. I do not expect to hear any talk about compromise or unity, or anything that does not involve complete surrender to the liberal agenda.

From the Seattle Weekly…

The satellite "Rally to Restore Sanity Seattle" event won't have Jon Stewart there or Jeff Tweedy from Wilco or Mavis Staples the famous soul singer, but the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department still thinks that thousands of fanatically moderate sanity seekers will show up at Westlake Park, despite the forecasted rain and the 9 am early start time.


TugboatPhil said...

GW, I went to your picture link on HotAir. Great shots of what I'm guessing was supposed to pass for humor. Thanks for documenting it.

Do you listen to Bryan Suits on KVI? I'm in Virginia but listen to his podcasts. You'd really enjoy it.

G'Willie said...

I listen every weekday moring on my way to work, but I can only listen to the "fake hour"