Saturday, May 17, 2008

Back from Armed Forces Day

Lots of fun, lots of pictures, and a video.

Cool blast from the past stuff.

IMG_2010 IMG_1920
IMG_1974 IMG_1901


Cool new stuff

IMG_1983 IMG_1981
IMG_1899 IMG_1900


Just cool stuff all around

IMG_1944 IMG_1905
IMG_1907 IMG_1999


And now, got that friend who just won't leave you alone, for just 3 bucks you can toss him in the Mock Lock Up.

IMG_1985 IMG_1987


Where they'll at least have a nice view of Mount Rainier.


More photos on my flickr site.

And now for the video.

Armed Forces Day at Fort Lewis Washington. With some robots and tanks and kids with machine guns!

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