Saturday, May 10, 2008

A wedding

Here is a good story that spans from Iraq to Washington State, 4 years in the making. That's fast in government time.

From 2004 to 2006, the two had carried on a friendship followed by a yearlong courtship conducted over the phone. Then one day after rehearsing in Arabic with an Iraqi friend, he proposed to her, and she accepted.

Has is the case with most war stories, it has it tragic parts.

Alaibi and her family, meanwhile, paid a heavy price for helping Americans. A brother disappeared and remains missing. A cousin was captured and killed.

"I was threatened three times, phone calls," Alaibi says. "Finally, my taxi driver was killed at the gate of my house." She saw him gunned down, the bullets meant for her. "After that, I just quit."

1_21_050908_marriage3 But with perseverance all good things come.

Despite their empty wallets, the couple moved quickly to arrange their long-denied wedding for this weekend, outdoors in Priest Point Park in Olympia with a reception with up to 100 invited guests, many bikers, at a Veterans of Foreign Wars post. Caver's family and friends opened their wallets along with their hearts to help.

I wish them a happy life full of love and prosperity.

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