Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not the phone call they wanted to hear.

A solider deployed to Afghanistan accidentally hit the auto dial for home while in a firefight. You can hear the message his parents heard when they got home.  They spent hours trying to reach him, but all is well.  Prayers were answered.

TankRead the story here

"It starts off with a couple cuss words and then goes into machine gun fire. I can hear my son asking for a new barrel. The very last thing on the message is 'incoming RPG' and then the message cuts off. That was kind of intense."

Update: At Hot Air.com Another one of our bravest deployed in Iraq shares what it's like to accidentally scare your family/friends with the sounds of war. It's the 4th comment.

I’ve been on the phone here in Iraq when the IDF (indirect fire) alarm goes off just prior to a rocket attack. It is tough on the person on the other end of the phone for sure. We don’t tell our families all that goes on over here but when they end up hearing things as they happen, they do get a little scared.

I think it’s almost tougher being back home ‘not’ knowing what’s going on and having no control over what happens than to be here on the receiving end of incoming and knowing the outcome much sooner.

This is why it’s so important for people back home to show their support to the families that have relatives/friends over here…they go through just as much as we do. More than anything, my mom appreciates the neighbors that drop by with some brownies or cake and have a nice little ‘chat’ with her and talk about all sorts of meaningless stuff…it takes her mind off the news from over here.

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