Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wrong, wrong, wrong

Here we have an Australian pre-teen getting approval for a sex change. The mother wants it, the father objects, but we all know fathers don't have rights any more.

An Australian judge is permitting a 12-year-old girl to begin a gender reassignment procedure funded by taxpayers' money, officials said.

ug2006schultz Now in my mind there is one way this may be justified, If the girl was born a hermaphrodite. This story makes no mention of such a condition. There is another condition...

The psychological diagnosis of gender identity disorder (GID), commonly called transsexualism, is used to describe a male or female who feels a strong identification with the opposite sex... snip Most children eventually outgrow gender identity disorder.

But not if her mother doesn't give her a chance.


Note: the title is from a comment to the UPI story

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