Sunday, March 1, 2009

Anti-Israel protest week 10

Seattle's Westlake Center anti-Israel protest is now in its 10th week. The one anti-war groups that had the regular vigils there (the war resisters) returned. Turns out they only come on the 4th Saturday that leaves the Women in Black and the old general weekly peace meditation. The old weekly meeting may have been quit on a while back since I can no longer find any reference to it. Last time I saw it was about a year ago.

I set up as I normally do on the others side of the street, it only took seconds for them to come and invade my space. They even put a sandwich board up right next to me.

Week 10 022 Week 10 027 Week 10 021

The last two guys are with the war resisters.

Daniel had the day off so he was able to join me with his very tall collection of many flags.

Week 10 033 Week 10 018 Week 10 034

Most time when I want to take pictures from their side of the street I will put away my signs and flag, but not this time. In fact if you think about it by moving to their side I help them by not making that long dangerous walk across the street, Daniel and I spent the rest of the day here.

Week 10 043 Week 10 030 Week 10 081

The kids did their little march down to Pike Place Market and back.

Week 10 046 Week 10 071Week 10 048 

Some of the sites along the way.

 Week 10 072Week 10 066 Week 10 074

A camera man showed up, I heard he was from channel 7 but never found his report.

Week 10 106 Week 10 107 Week 10 109

Now its time for the random shots and the video.

Week 10 112 Week 10 017 Week 10 023

Week 10 075 Week 10 085 Week 10 093

More photos on Flickr.

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