Saturday, March 28, 2009

Anti-Israel protest week, lost count: Cold & Wet

It was a cold and wet day there was even a chance of snow (never happened). So, first thing that happened was I forgot to charge my batteries, I realized this when I went to unplug my battery charger. Bummer. This week’s post will therefore be using “file” photographs for illustration. I will try to use photos that I haven’t used before, I’ve used a lot so it won’t be easy.


I wanted to arrive in time to spend an hour with the communist war resisters who bring the Week 5 024 Lt Watada banner on the 4th Saturday of every month, they arrive at 11.

Week 10 099 Who handed out flyers to everyone, Flyers printed by the anti-imperialist committee, I think. I know the people, but never really got to see the flyers (I didn’t want to be rude).

 Week 10 101 One commie brought his Chairman Mao bag. Again.


This part was largely uneventful, I stood in front of them

 426288029_4d51700e05_o with my American flag and my Support the troops sign telling everybody who took a flyer they had communist propaganda. and they stood holding their banner handing out communist propaganda telling everybody that it was to end the war.

So now it’s noon, I go back to my car to get my Israeli flag and stand across from them for a bit, waving my Israeli flag Anti-Israel Protest Week3 235 while they hold their flag and yellow signs of occupation and apartheid.

Did I mention this was a very small crowd, maybe 20 even with the communist. The youth for Palestine kids didn’t show, Week 10 045 only this guy.

Week 8 015 They didn’t even have enough people to hold both of their banners. By the way, want to know how to make one of these, check out this communist website for instructions.

Promptly at 1pm the war resisters leave. Funny how they do that, right on time, like a union job.

The street preaches spread the word to the masses with umbrellas and raingear. IMG_3964  Then at 2 we all go home.

And that’s it, except I saw 1 thing that made me regret not being able to use my camera, a Metro Bus with a “Save Gaza” ad on the side.

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