Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A first had account of the death and destruction

In Gaza

Why can't the real media do this kind of research?

What I saw was that there had been precision attacks made on all of Hamas' infrastructure.


THERE WERE empty beds at Shifa Hospital and a threatening atmosphere. Hamas is reduced to wielding its unchallengeable authority from extensive air raid shelters which, together with the hospital, were built by Israel 30 years ago. Terrorized Gazans used doublespeak when they told me most of the alleged 5,500 wounded were being treated in Egypt and Jordan. They want it known that the figure is a lie, and showed me that the wounded weren't in Gaza. No evidence exists of their presence in foreign hospitals, or of how they might have gotten there.

I know to the left this is just Israeli propaganda But we have evidence of repeated manipulation of the press by Hamas and other terror groups in the middle east. It's called "Pallywood"

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