Sunday, March 22, 2009

War Anniversary protests:From 1000s to 100s to 10s

6 years ago thousands of people showed up to protest the war, it was planned to “stop” the war but it came 2 days late, Then on or about the 19th of March every year we’ve had smaller and smaller rallies till last year when just a few hundred showed up

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With this trend the 6th anniversary for the war in Iraq did not go well for the extremist at World Can't Wait. Oh they tried to put a brave face on it and all, but the pictures don’t lie, no one came. No one cared.


Iraq war anniversary071

I arrived early to get an ideal of what I had to deal with, I could tell right away it was going to be a good day.

Iraq war anniversary004 Iraq war anniversary005 Iraq war anniversary025

I went to the 3rd floor of Westlake Center to get a few shots from there when I stumbled upon the communist having their pre-rally planning meeting.

Iraq war anniversary016Iraq war anniversary011   Iraq war anniversary017

They gave me some harsh words, I should have taken their pictures, but I just let them take mine.

Back on the ground the commies set up shop.

Iraq war anniversary022 Iraq war anniversary031 Iraq war anniversary040

People trickled in about 11:50

Iraq war anniversary044  Iraq war anniversary041 Iraq war anniversary042 

Ok now it’s time to start the rally.

Iraq war anniversary049 Iraq war anniversary050 Iraq war anniversary056

My “friends” from the Anti-Israel rallies showed up and swelled the numbers for the protest to almost 40.

Iraq war anniversary060 Iraq war anniversary078Iraq war anniversary052 

We had speeches

Iraq war anniversary058 Iraq war anniversary068 Iraq war anniversary086

We had a march.

Iraq war anniversary112 Iraq war anniversary115 Iraq war anniversary129

We had more speeches


Iraq war anniversary143 Iraq war anniversary150Iraq war anniversary152 

We had a shoe throw

Iraq war anniversary153  Iraq war anniversary155 Iraq war anniversary154

What did that tree ever do to them? Well to be fair a few shoes were close to the Federal Building.

Iraq war anniversary156

We had another march, to Pike Place Market

Iraq war anniversary166 Iraq war anniversary169 Iraq war anniversary179

Then we had tourists who wanted to pose with my flag.

Iraq war anniversary188  Iraq war anniversary189 Iraq war anniversary190

Over all a very disappointing day for the anti-war crowd, I couldn’t be happier. There is another one planned for Sunday by A.N.S.W.E.R. Let’s see if it fairs any better.

More photos on Flickr

Video to come.

Update: I added an opening paragraph to better explain the post title and added some photos to help illustrate the point

P.S. The video is delayed due to technical difficulties.

Update to my P.S. From the looks of thing I’ll be able to finish it before a leave but not have time to wait for it to upload and embed it here, so if you want to see it before I comeback visit my YouTube page.

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