Monday, March 16, 2009

Woops they did it again

The P.C. crowd in Europe once again oversteps the bounds of reality in their efforts to impose a man-made synthetic morality on the people they serve.

Using 'Miss' and 'Mrs' has been banned by leaders of the European Union because they are not considered politically correct. Brussels bureaucrats have decided the words are sexist and issued new guidelines in its bid to create 'gender-neutral' language

This is not the first time I’ve heard of this attempt to push gender neutrality on the world, But why? This is from 1997,

It is important to recognize that our beliefs and perceptions about gender influence our attitudes about nature, and that most languages of the world gender the elements of nature, granting symbolic representation through the VALUES language represents. Because language represents the cultural values of the people who use it, we benefit by being conscious users of the language we have inherited. It benefits us to ask ourselves how we feel about our terminology, rather than simply accepting inherited belief systems without question, and then reflecting that acceptance through our continued use of language that perhaps we do not believe in.

There it is, in bold italic blockquotes, this is a deliberate attempt to undermine our culture.

This is the first time I’ve seen it go in a rule book where it can have the force to compel. Yet still some in the EU still have the courage to resist.

Scottish Tory MEP Struan Stevenson described the guidelines as 'political correctness gone mad'.

He said: 'This is frankly ludicrous. We've seen the EU institutions try to ban the bagpipes and dictate the shape of bananas, but now they seem determined to tell us which words we are entitled to use in our own language. 'Gender-neutrality is really the last straw. The Thought Police are now on the rampage in the European Parliament. 'We will soon be told that the use of the words "man" or "woman" has been banned in case it causes offence to those who consider 'gender neutrality' an essential part of life.'

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